GET FIT® & RFNC  Partners in Your Healthy Lifestyle

We are proud to partner with GET FIT, Modesto’s premier gym, with our GET FIT-approved fruit and nut assortments.


We teamed up with GET FIT to create new products that meet the GET FIT recommendations, and we've pulled together all the natural RFNC products that fuel your GET FIT lifestyle!


RFNC has the perfect snacks for the health-conscious person – all locally sourced and carefully selected for maximum freshness and flavor.

The GET FIT Gift Basket from Roberts Ferry Nut Co

The GET FIT Gift Basket


Filled to the brim with snacks you can have confidence in gifting, or receiving.

The GET FIT Workout Mix


Prep for your workout with this mix packed with protein, nutrients, and healthy fats!

The GET FIT Snack Tray


Staying on track requires preparation - especially for snack time. This snack tray is a week's snack supply, and it's perfect to keep in your desk drawer for those afternoon snack emergencies.


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Roberts Ferry Nut Co.

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Discount not applicable to milkshake and lunch orders. Thanks!

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